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Stretcher frame covering canvas, student artistic design coaching final thesis high school Lucerne Zurich high school Kanti cantonal school final thesis

Support for Your Entrance Exam or Thesis Project

Coaching for Your Artistic Thesis at the Upper Secondary Level (Matura, Kantonsschule)



  • Refining Your Topic Proposal and Project Idea
  • Discussion Sessions
  • Analysis Support
  • Material Recommendations
  • Assistance with Implementation


Kunstprojekt Abschlussarbeit in BG Bildnerisches Gestalten Schülerin Coaching Luzern Zürich Matura Kind am Malen Malkurs Kinder und Jugendliche Luzern Zürich Kindermalkurs Kindermalkurse Kreativkurse Malkurse Zeichenkurs Zeichnen lernen
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